Back to School Shopping For You!

    Who says you need to be 5-21 yrs. old to enjoy the back to school retail bonanza?!! The retail I am referring to are the notebooks, binders, planners, organizers, folders, journals, pens and for fun stickers, crayons, markers, colored pencils! Sounds like the makings of a fresh new start for us too :-) Why wait until Jan. 1st for that new beginning? Take advantage of the fantastic sales and selection now to get organized or make a colorful bucket list journal; the sky is the limit. I just bought my not so teenage tester a not-for-kids coloring book (with cool patterns) as a stress reliever for her upcoming school year. The crayons, markers, colored pencils are all dirt cheap at Target right now & other retailers. Did you know that coloring books for adults abound at the book stores (unless Frozen or Hello Kitty is your thing). Most boast stress reducing patterns. I also found a challenging famous cities/landmarks dot-to-dot as well (yes, hundreds per page). What I am saying is being a kid forever when it comes to being newly organized is an awesome thing. Really, can anything beat a brand new box of crayons with their perfect points and new pencil case? (perfect for organizing makeup in your handbag too!) We deserve the trappings of a new beginning. How often do you dig in a drawer for 'scrap' paper and hold your breath that the pencil you pulled out has a point?
     Yes, we definitely deserve this. Get going, get colorful, get organized & most of all have fun with it! It will just be your little secret when you are meandering down those supplies aisles that you are shopping for yourself!! After all isn't that what we always wished school was all about?  All the fantastic stuff & NO tests!

And What is a Weed?

   Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "And what is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." You may have thought this to be a gardening blog, but once again gardening mimics life and a lesson is looming for us to learn and employ!
    So aren't we all weeds in life's vast garden? Plants too have the innate drive to thrive and be happy. Gardener's are forever smiling when they see a plant just flourishing in a certain spot & joyfully say to themselves (and sometimes out loud), "You are really happy there." We too have virtues to discover at any age so we too can flourish & be happy where planted. We too need to continue to try new things, explore new surroundings, throw our face up to the sunshine and absorb the rays so we can someday grow & flourish. Hidden virtues can only be sought if we take risks, explore, simply move from our comfort zones even if for a short time. We may eventually end up where we started but we will be an enhanced, more virtuous version of ourselves; seeing things and people differently.
   I am continually aware of the virtues I need to work on, I suppose with age came this wisdom. Patience and courage are two very raw, hard-to-learn virtues for me right now. I am trying to relinquish control and just let the rest of my life unfold. (Trust me easier said than done!) I, however, have made great strides and like a successful garden have been giving 'me" the attention I deserve. So my mantra is: I am like a joyful, beautiful garden bed that will always need attention. I will continue to leave some weeds within myself so I am reminded that my work is never done. I will continue to (to try) see the best in all (weedy) situations and let those dandelion flowers within myself develop into beautiful, ethereal seeds that just may flow in the wind and plant themselves in someone else's life & make a beautiful difference.
     So get out there and enjoy your personal discoveries! Find the weeds within yourself and let them help you develop some enhanced or new virtues. Enjoy the revelations!