The earth laughs in flowers ~ and burps in weeds. ~ R.W. Emerson & me!

I Really Dig Weeding!

    I have to say, Spring may be the only time of year I can honestly admit I Really Dig Weeding! Being so cooped up on the east coast all these cold, snowy months, we gardeners are also ready to pop just like leaves, flower buds & weeds!
     The ground has been frozen here & the days not so warm. But with mild temps last night & today I jumped at the chance to work in the garden. As I venture outside today it is 69 degrees (but with rain coming it will soon be 38 degrees by tomorrow night!) Yes, that's what you get this time of year ~ a mixed bag of weather (as a verb!). Remember to not get frustrated ~ the joys of Spring are endless. The smell for one - nothing beats a spring rain smell. Also, those first warm days where you say to yourself "it doesn't need to get any warmer than this ~ this is perfect!
    The past two days were my first digging opportunities. Among my digging discoveries today was my prolific weed of the year ~ the wild strawberry. (Yes, I get a new 'weed of the year' annually) It is masterfully disguising itself this year among my Bee Balm. It has the same color right now & growth habit. With each clever plant that was yanked, I felt exhilarated! Face it, you just want to be doing anything outside, that's why weeding can be so enjoyable now, a true stress reliever. With all this said, I know some of us are behind on Spring outdoor cleanup because of the snow & cold, but remembering to take it slowly is important. Here are my tips for a pain-free Spring clean up:

~ Take your time ~ We can't play catch up all in one day! If you feel even a twinge on your back or any other muscles ~ rest! ~ or wait for another day. One to two hour sessions is plenty in the beginning!
~ Alternate chores ~ Rake a bit then weed beds for a bit & alternate. You use different muscles for each chore & this will help keep you from overtaxing certain ones. Remember, we aren't in gardening shape in April!
~ Preserve the knees ~ Remember to sit on a blanket or low bench ~ avoid kneeling or squatting for too long. Also, always have a spade with you to dig out deep rooted weeds. The pulling yanking motion can cause some tendonitis if you are not careful; loosening the roots will help. Making sure the soil is moist from rain will help the process tremendously!
~ All work & no play ~ Allow some strolling along and dream time. This is the dreamiest time of year to visualize what you would like to see, smell & feel in your outdoor spaces. Imagine a color scheme for these pots or this bed. Make sure you jot down your ideas and keep them with you come May when you will be shopping plants. Pantone's Color of the year, marsala (a deep winey red) can translate into the garden quite well. We too often rely on flowers for color, but embrace beautiful leaves this year. Marsala can be found in coleus, heuchera, and succulents. Plant red leaf lettuce now for edible color & red basil in a month. Think outside your usual color box & dig dreaming!
~ Soak it up ~ yes, the early not too hot sunshine for vitamin D for one... but I'm also talking a hot bath (see my Mindful Bath blog) for muscle soreness, deep relaxation & more garden visualization & dreaming! 

New Products Alert! ~ Sensational Miracles!

    Yes, it has been awhile since I have reviewed any products. Of course by now, you know I need to be WOWed by a product for a review to happen! I am hereby, WOWed by the following products.
    Sensational ~ The first is Maybelline's new mascara Lash Sensational. I admit I have skimpy lashes these days and getting skimpier all the time. I was even thinking of purchasing the more recent $25.00+ expensive mascara with the coat of fibers you add to the process. (And OMG ~ thought about false lashes too for special occasions!) I am glad I waited! This mascara is an easy A+++. It has a wand with short bristles on one side to coat the base of your lashes easily & safely & when you are ready the full wand in the opposite side to coat lengthen & wow you! It was that easy & I cannot believe I really do still have all these lashes! It went on smooth with zero clumping tendencies. I am sold. It applied quickly & I have only needed one coat & still felt like I was wearing false lashes!! At an average price, without benefit of coupons or sales, of $6.99, the other makeup lines should be ashamed to charge so much for mascara that promises all this. Run, do not walk to your nearest store - it is sold everywhere except the pricey department store makeup counters!
    Miracles ~ The second (and third) new products are the Garnier facial Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream ~ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue both night & eye cream. These last winter months with the dry air are killers for my skin. I have found the answer... I glide on the night cream (which is like a cream/gel) with its blends of hyaluronic & hydroxy acids for cell deep hydration & turnover and plant extracts and when I wake up I still feel moisturized! It is a miracle because not being a back sleeper, the moisture seems to leave my face right into that pillow! The eye cream, which is really a thick gel, glides on and has the added caffeine which works for my dark circles. There is the lightest fragrance & it provides  amazing results. I also wear both during the day this time of year & it works with serums & foundations beautifully. The price is also an astounding, $14.99 avg. each without sale or coupons. Garnier has done it again!
   So, Ladies, these aren't even treat yourselves to these products ~ these are easy must haves to save time & save your skin! Enjoy!!