Essential Oils for Healing

    Yes, we are drawn to burning scented candles & scented hair and body products. With so many choices, I thought I would narrow down the field to the 'healthiest' choices. Here, according to a recent issue of Women’s Health, is a short list of essential oils and the health benefits they can have for us. When inhaled, the oils activate your brain’s hypothalamus which controls hormones, energy and drive. They have even been shown in lab studies to kill flu, e. coli and cancer cells!
     When buying, look for 100% pure and organic, free of fillers, pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Look for labels that say therapeutic grade or steamed distilled. Try a Whole Foods type store or a specialty store or apothecary in your area. They will have knowledgeable staff to help with whatever ails you. Try dripping oil into a steaming hot water and stand a few feet away and breath. A drop onto a cotton ball to sniff for a minute or two is another way to diffuse the scent. Less is more and the helpful staff at the store you are purchasing can give you tips. Here are just a few:
    Essential oils

~ Peppermint ~ best for stress relief and reduces both fatigue and chocolate cravings. Breathing peppermint reduces the stress hormone cortisol.
~ Orange ~ Reduces anxiety & elevates mood. Helps you stay calm in stressful situations.

~ Lavender ~ Excellent for relaxing, migraine pain, reduces insomnia, controls anxiety, relieves PMS symptoms.
~ Cinnamon ~ Improves focus & concentration while reducing frustration.

~ Rosemary ~ Enhances brainpower, boosts energy, lowers fatigue.

~ Sage ~ Reduces blood pressure, helps with memory and attention.
     I recently visited a lavender farm with my garden club. I came home with a bottle of essential oil & have been using it ever since. My favorite uses are a drop or two in my rinse cycle when washing bedding & a drop in the steamiest shower. Start with one scent then continue to add to your 'collection'. Breath & be healed!

For Beautiful Skin - The Step You May Be Missing

    Here is an easy, inexpensive product to add to your face care regime. I have been using a spray toner for a couple of years now. In the drier months it is wonderful as the first step after cleaning your face then later in the day when the dry heat zaps all moisture from your skin. So just spray before moisturizing and then over makeup later in the day. In other months it is valuable to cleanse, tighten pores & refresh throughout the day. I leave a spray bottle at my desk in work too. Even the air conditioning of the warmer months takes all the moisture out of the air. It works as a wonderful 3pm pick-me-up too!

   The product that got me started a few years back is Andalou Naturals Age Defying Toning Refresher. Boasting a fruit stem cell complex & superfruit antioxidants, this product smells refreshing with subtle notes of orange leaf & geranium. The price is right too at about $12.00/6-oz. & it lasts a long time. I purchased mine at Whole Foods but check online for a store or on-line store for you.
   The second product is the one that prompted me to write this blog. For as much as I love Andalou I was running low and saw Boots 100% Organic Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz at Target for $8.00/5-oz. Now, there is not one Boots (from the UK) product that isn't rated highly on a best of list, so I knew I had to try this one. I also melted at the faint rose scent & the claim that they work in conjunction with the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in developing their Botanics line. Can't wait to try a few more from this product line! Again, look online for other stores near year such as Ulta & Walgreens.
     The mindful pleasure of this first step is a delight & the benefits are amazing! Using any toner will help your moisturizers just melt deeply into the skin! Enjoy!