"Little else fires up the old turbines of manifestation like gratitude given in advance."

~ Mike Dooley

To Grateful Beginnings!

    Today is the 5 year anniversary of this blog!!! If you are a fan you know that I am not one for New Year's resolutions. I will remind you to begin again the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Since the first entry is January 1st it is always a wonderful way to begin the New Year. The second would be to sign up for Mike Dooley's Notes From the Universe & then sign up for the free 30 day workshop to Love Your Life beginning New Year's Day. See end of this blog for link. ***
   This year I am determined to master the essence of one of my favorite Mike Dooley TUT Notes from the Universe 'quotes'. These are the messages awaiting my inbox in the morning & help get my day off on the right 'note' This one note, though it sounds simple, has not been simple at all for me to master.

"Little else fires up the old turbines of manifestation like gratitude given in advance."

     So why is this such a toughie? I feel most of us have been practicing our gratitudes on a regular basis. Remind yourself or write down daily three things that you are grateful for. Well this note has an extra step to it if you read closely. If one is to give gratitude for something in the future, then you must begin to dream big on a regular basis. You must look to the future & be grateful for something that hasn't even happened yet! We are taught not to be presumptuous or to jinx ourselves on any future luck that may be in store for us. That's hogwash, rubbish & ridiculous! So yes, it is difficult visualizing that dream then thanking the Universe for its fruition. That is why this will be my goal for the coming year to master the ultimate of gratitudes. For instance, Universe I am so grateful for the years of service my car has given me but I am so grateful for this newer, beautiful model (that isn't falling apart around me!) Woo Hoo! Not so hard after all; it will just take some practice. But what a way to start a new year, dreaming of lovely things to happen & saying 'thank you'.

     Happy New Year to you & remember to dream big and be forever grateful!

     *** Go to http://www.tut.com/index/tut30days to register for the FREE Love Your Life 30 Day workshop. All Mike Dooley's workshops are fabulous and for only minutes a day your year will be off to one filled with infinite possibilities!

The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a present is left unwrapped
Not the perfume nor the blouse.
The wrappings are strewn;
The tree's getting dry.
You reminisce of the 24 hour whirlwind
And let out a big sigh.
This blogger says to herself
"I did fine this year,
I was a productive little elf."
There were smiles & frowns,
Many good tidings all around.
We were healthy and happy this year,
And the many laughs I could hear.
And as I remove my virtual Santa hat,
I say, "I can't ask for more than that."

Now with nothing to bake, cook or wrap,
A very happy post Christmas to all
Now you deserve a long nap!