"Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears." ~ John Lennon

The Litmus Test ~ Drivers License Renewal Time!

   In one of the early seasons of Courtney Cox's TV show Cougar Town, her character Jules needs to renew her driver's license. She has managed for decades to outsmart the DMV and keep her picture (of younger self) from being changed. Well, her time was up & panic ensued for the remaining 24 minutes of the sitcom.
    So what is it about that driver's license photo that sends some of us to panic. Seriously, we look at it once it's handed to us & then never look again. We know there are quite a few better pictures taken of ourselves in the 4 years prior & since that fateful day, so why do we use that picture as a litmus test to how we are aging? I had mine renewed this month & it got me to thinking. That photo represents a four year marker; so here it is in front of me, then & now. Our reactions to our appearance range from mostly ugh to not as bad as I thought. So I propose a united effort for the new photo to stay the same as the old. The Dickens you say! That would mean aging would have to stop! We know that is impossible... or is it?
    So here are my top ten suggestions to cram for your next Litmus test (all things you've heard before from this blogger and well, everywhere): Hydrate all day long (water, tea, coffee), Exercise (150 minutes a week minimum), MOISTURIZE! (day & night - effective moisturizes don't have to break the bank), Eat right balancing healthy carbs, fats & proteins (choose proper portions with lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds), Laugh (it is the best medicine!), Sleep (try for 7 hours a night - naps are wonderful too!), Floss & Brush, Pursue a long desired hobby or bucket list item (keeps the spirit young), & Socialize often (with those amazing friends). Now number 10 is different. Studies now show that we actually stop aging for those minutes when we are using meditation, deep relaxation, prayer, yoga, deep breathing, etc. to calm our minds and bodies on a regular basis. Stress - bad, Meditation - good!
   So for your next DMV picture taking opportunity, first live a happy, healthy, joy filled life for the years prior (& then make an effort with the hair & makeup!) Then dare to compare! BTW - this blogger was totally happy with hers because I looked the same, and I think a bit wiser!

Cinderella ~ A Role Model for the Ages

Cinderella [sin-duh-rel-uh]  1. A heroine of a fairy tale who is maltreated by a malevolent stepmother but achieves happiness and marries a prince through the benevolent intervention of a fairy godmother.
So let’s try again: 2. Role model for the ages.

   A single line in Glamour mag this month reminds us: Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress! This reminder changes everything we consciously remember about the story! We know Cinderella suffered great loss. We know she was mistreated but never complained; she felt gratitude. We also know Cinderella had some dreams of a better day, but she always stayed in the present and worked hard. She didn’t lay blame or get down for very long. Her heart made wishes when she fell into an exhausted sleep each night. And what Cinderella did get that fateful night was a fantastic dress & a less than perfect pair of shoes. After a bit of bippity, boppity boo, she took a risk on a pumpkin coach and some mice. Her risk taking allowed her a front row seat to destiny dusting its fairy dust. She stayed true to herself and had a magical evening. Always a rule follower, her shoes almost didn’t get her home on time. (who among us can really run in heels?!) So yes, Cinderella is a role model for me. She lived her life as best she could, dreamed her dreams, took risks and thus allowed the fairy dusts of serendipity and destiny to waft her way! Have no regrets. (if Cinderella had gone back for that shoe, her story would have a had a different ending!)
Cinderella 3. Beautiful, graceful, brave, hopeful, grateful, kind & strong.
   So remember it’s all about all those qualities then begin wishing, dreaming & asking for what you want. And she lived happily ever after! Thank you Cinderella for the reminder!