Great Backyard Bird Count 2017 & Bird Cams

    You are invited to participate in the 2017 Great Backyard Bird Count! (GBBC) Coordinated every year by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology & the Audubon Society; the help of all dedicated backyard birders is needed. The dates this year are Friday, February 17th thru Monday, February 20th. The link is listed below for all the info you will need. It is as simple as observing your backyard aviary activity for just fifteen minutes. You can do this one day or all 4 days. The site allows you to enter your zip code & it will connect you to a list of birds you may see in your area during February. You print out the list & start counting. The site provides advice & a page to enter your results. It is easy & fun to do. Recording your results on their site was also very simple. It felt very rewarding. This is also a wonderful activity to enjoy with your kids/grandkids. The site provides all types of helpful info to get you started. Last year over 5,689 species were counted! See link below. Enjoy!

   And to get your nesting bird fix check out Rosie the Hummingbird at There are two hatchlings right now so check them out soon. They mature and fledge very quickly (couple weeks). Link is below & check out the other cams on this site.
The second webcam is the Hanover, PA bald eagles. She will be laying her eggs in a week or two! Visit the other cams too!

   Again, be warned, as anyone who viewed the various (sooo cute) miracle births & fledglings last year, these cams can be addicting!! Enjoy them all; Spring is coming!

Facial Massage DIY

   What a wonderful DIY for the New Year!!: Easy, relaxing facial massage techniques to look younger and just, well, destress! Thanks to Redbook mag for these great tips from the pros. Begin these steps with a few drops of facial oil on your fingertips so there this no pulling/tugging where your fingers contact the skin. I like to do these at night so leave the oil or moisture-laden night time water mask at your bedside so you don't forget!

~ Soften Forehead Lines ~ Do this 1 minute massage to flush out toxins and ease wrinkles. Steady your thumbs right above each temple. Hold the next 3 fingers and in small circles, rub your forehead. Begin between the brows and work your way up and out. Continue for 60 seconds to increase the blood flow to help stimulate collagen formation all while you have a deep relaxing sleep!

~ Make Cheeks Look Defined ~ Place your index and middle fingers under the bottom of cheekbones close to mouth. Push up so the plumpy part of cheeks are raised using small kneading motions. Continue up and along to the hairlines. Repeat 10 times. Daily practice will help keep cheeks toned.

~ Firm Your Jaw line ~ Place thumbs under the point of your chin and your index fingers right at the base. Then, make tiny pinches along your jaw line until you reach ears. Reverse direction and repeat back to start. Repeat five times and repeat twice a week. This will unclog the lymph nodes and reduce sagging along the jaw and under the chin.

Most of all relax and enjoy this time for yourself!!