Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara Review

   Drew Barrymore's wonderful Flower line of cosmetics is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. My super-savvy Sister tester has recently been using the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara that lengthens, curls & thickens all in one wand. She was tired of curling her lashes & claimed that this mascara has been a find! I was due for a new tube so I jumped at the chance to try it out. I chose the Intense Black and with a twist of the wand's cap, the brush changes shape to make a remarkable set of lashes. (see pic at left) Straight wand for lengthening, one twist for curling, last twist for volumizing. It is also fun to use. Remember when makeup was fun instead of a chore in the morning? It is easy to use and a single coat with all three shapes is all you need. Not necessary to redip the wand; the wand magically redistributes the product as you twist! It does a remarkable job on the lower lashes (that I had just about given up on) as well. The best part besides great results are there are no clumps, and later in the day, no flakes. Removal is easy with your cleanser or as my sister suggests with the Almay oil-free eye makeup remover pads. The price on these two items is perfect. The Flower mascara is $7.98 & the Almay pads $4.97 for 80. Drew's quote under the tube when you remove the packaging is "I want people to be blown away when I do what they don't expect". Well the 'technology' is so clever & unexpected; I can't believe it wasn't thought of earlier. I will definitely try other products from this line as well!

Garden Rescue Time!

    We are at the halfway point of our annual growing season here on the east coast (very sad face). To maximize this incredible time of year there a few tips to keep your anuuals, perennials & planters going strong through the fall.

~ Take a spade or fork & break up the surface tension of the soil in your planters and around your annuals in the ground. (Yes, even mulch forms this water barrier.)
~ Any planters that have been allowed to completely dry out, if possible, submerge in air temperature water for fifteen minutes to completely rehydrate. If the container is too big, see above & do an excellent job then water, water, water.
~ Sprinkle slow release fertilizer around the base of your plants.
~ Water with water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Gro or a bloom boost version for your flowering plants. Continue with this every couple of weeks for the remainder of the summer/fall.
~ Deadhead diligently & cut back leggy annuals such as petunias for max shape & blooms for the rest of the growing season. I trim back my coleus, zinnias, asters & mums to reshape for example.
~ Keep watering! This is the hottest time of year coming up with little rain.
~ Once rescued, sit back with some mint infused iced tea & enjoy the beautiful garden you have nurtured! Happy Gardening!