When Did We Stop Playing & Moving for Fun??

     I am a Baby Boomer & proud of it. We, the Boomers, had a childhood that dreams are made of. My life was filled with the simple things, family & friends for security and the lack of technology & TV channels kept the temptation of staying indoors at bay!
   Yes, the younger me was off playing every day after school, during school, weekends, holidays. And by playing I mean I was always moving! I left the house to seek out neighborhood kids and friends and didn't return home until hunger set in. I never got tired, seriously. Now you may say that's because you were young. Sure that plays a part but I was always doing activities that kept me moving, my body engaged and those activities were FUN! Sure there were mandatory homework times & rainy days when arts & crafts, jacks & board games come into play. It is those moving times I'd like us all to get back to. We need to find the fun again in moving & not see exercise always as a chore. That is how one gets to a healthy weight & stays there for a lifetime.

    Those fondly remembered activities included roller skating, tennis (against a wall), kick the can, wire ball, baby in the air, basketball, catch, jumping rope traditional & Chinese, hopscotch, can ball, dodge ball, jingle jump, riding bikes everywhere, walking everywhere, running, handball and organized sports like basketball, softball & even bowling in a kid's league on Saturday mornings. Winter moving included sledding (but we had to make our own hill first), snowball fights from behind massive forts & igloo building. And when we got soaked to the bone we would come inside, throw our clothes in the closest neighborhood kid's clothes dryer, plan our next igloo city & then get back out there with dry, warm & toasty jackets socks, hats & gloves. I am exhausted just writing all this down & smiling at the memories.

   It was my life & I am happy to say I have maintained a healthy weight over the years. What I am sad to say is aside from my love of yoga, some fun activities have slipped my mind. When did I stop playing? I want to find a vintage Jingle Jump & jump again! I enjoy walking but this year I want it to take me to a destination like it did so many years ago. I resolve this year to find moving activities that are fun. This is the only way to maintain healthy bodies for a lifetime & simultaneously keep the joy in our hearts. If you dread what you need to do to maintain your weight then get moving for FUN. The alternative being you will eventually lose the battle to alas ~ TV & technology. Have a blast playing & being fit!

The Latest Studies... For a Healthier, Happier You!

    I am fascinated by the latest studies that come out month after month. It is in our best interest to use this information to achieve a healthier, happier life. So here are some recent, I feel, most beneficial, easy 'latest studies' adjustments to incorporate into our lives.

~ Water ~ We know drinking enough water is mandatory for optimum health. A study is now showing that drinking 17 ounces of water (2 glasses) half an hour prior to each meal will significantly help you lose weight. In the study, obese adults who did this lost almost eight pounds more than the control group over 3 months! Yes, it will fill you & help you control portion size, but studies have also shown that being even a little bit dehydrated will slow your metabolism! Have fun with your water by adding lemon or lime. Infuse your water with fruits, cucumber slices, sprigs of herbs like mint; the sky's the limit. Water is not boring... it is what keeps us going!
~ Healthy Fats (monosaturated & polunsaturated) ~ Studies have shown they can improve cholesterol levels, may reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, help promote healthy nerve activity & cell development just to name a few. You can easily incorporate nuts & seeds, oils (canola, olive & sunflower) , avocadoes, olives, cold water fish like salmon & tuna into your diet. Again, have fun with new recipes or sprinkle & drizzle away on your current mealtime favorites.
~ Gut Bacteria Healing Foods ~ Studies show that probiotic foods like probiotic yogurt, drinkable kefir, refrigerated pickles, kimchee & sauerkraut, (essentially refrigerated fermented vegetables) can promote healthy gut bacteria that been compromised by medication, poor diet, age. Prebiotic foods like raw garlic, raw/cooked onions & raw asparagus keep your 'getting healthy' gut staying that way.
~ Feel Gratitude & Happiness Will Follow ~ Studies show that writing down/reflecting on the things you are grateful for will bring for more happiness in your life. You are likely to feel more optimistic, you may feel less pain, live longer, catch fewer colds & strengthen your heart. The desire to exercise more may follow too! Write down three gratitudes a day & try not to repeat!

   So try these suggestions. I am optimistic there will be more studies in 2016 that will have the potential to offer us a healthier, happier new year! I promise to share.