Fabulous is a lot like perfect but less boring & more fun!

Walking the Walk ~ Clothes Closet Time!

   Simplify, Simplify. I have committed to walk the walk and talk the talk. So, yes, this is my second in a series of GET ORGANIZED! CLEAR THE CLUTTER! Don't be scared. I can promise you that I have not missed ONE single item from the Part One of this series - the makeup drawer. Amazing? This simplifying pledge is truly easier than you think!
    Today I am overhauling your clothes closet. This is the time of year you are beginning to transition from summer ready-to-wear to fall - and pretty quickly after that - winter. If you are like me you will be purchasing a few new things for yourself in the next few months. When my closet is discombobulated there is no possible way to know what I have/don't have, what I've outgrown (physically or emotionally!). We all have dressy clothes, work clothes, going out in jeans clothes, work-out clothes, comfy-watching-TV-clothes... Some may have a closet to accommodate all the attire of fabulous you (yes, Bestie you know who you are lucky girl!). Some of us with smaller closets should not even try...
    Begin by creating piles of things you know you will no longer wear for whatever reason. Create a couple piles; one to donate and one for a girls night swap event (see previous GNO Swap blog, Nov 2013). Then if your closet is smaller, keep only in this convenient closet the categories of your fab life that you use most, say work clothes and going out in jeans clothes. Find another closet or storage option for the other categories. (If this is not an option then you will need to really pare down & in turn be crowned the simplify queen for the year! I am not there - yet). In the pics to the left the first is my jumble and the second so much better. I have jeans/pants lined up according to color & type. My tops are organized by sleeve length & weight. I started with shorter sleeve and organized the colors within that section (yes black & gray of course & then colors - use prominent color in patterned tops). Next, long sleeve - same thing organize by color, etc. Then sweater/cardigan weight and organize by color again. Be your own kind of creative with this & have fun. I promise you will no longer say I have nothing to wear & I guarantee it will make getting dressed & looking pulled together a time saver now and we certainly need more time in our days! If you feel you really do need new things to wear then consult my blog from Stacy & Clinton - just Google What not to wear ultimate rule book - (Yes, I made page 1! Woo hoo!!) these tips are invaluable because who wants to waste money on items that aren't fab for us!
    To take it to the next level, have some fun with your accessories. I like to wrap the coordinated scarves & jewelry around the neck of the hangers of my tops so they are ready to go. To add more polish to your closet you can try to use all the same hangers for unification. My not so teenage tester does this and it looks sooo organized (yes, you guessed it - I got the cast offs but someday...) Wal-Mart sells great hangers and cheap! The TT's advice, buy more than you think you'll need and take them back. Yes, we under bought silver & it was a few months before more came in. If you are not sure then she suggests choosing white which is always available.

   So there you have it. Most importantly, be generous with your donations; have fun with it and feel your power & fabulosity next time you put an outfit together in under two minutes!

Perception in the Garden

Perception ~ the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. 

    So today begins the first day of Autumn. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy the seasons changing (although most of us can do without the cold winter), the first noticeable change is the temperature. Why is it that 65 degrees in March feels warm, when 65 degrees in September feels downright chilly? It's our perception...
   So in the garden the same is true. We can change our own perception of the waning fall garden with a few cleanup measures to trick our senses. What we hate to see this time of year is the fading of our perennials. Our annuals, however, seem to rejuvenate without all the heat. So how do we fool our senses into thinking that things are still lush? We need to put in a bit of fall cleanup work now!

    Begin by removing any diseased (powdery mildew in particular) leaves & stems. Just cut down & don't compost but remove to the trash. Then continue cutting back the dried up stems/leaves from your other perennials. Retain the plants that are no longer flowering but have nice fall color in the leaves. Leave some texture in the remaining flower heads like coneflowers and rudbeckia. As you begin to remove, peeling back the layers of summer remnants, something beautiful begins to emerge. The remaining flowers that are trying to be seen become the stars! Let the phlox, obedient, daisies, asters, mums, sedum, rudbeckia, sage and your annuals shine! You may have fewer blooms from summertime, but our perception is simply a beautiful, richly colored fall garden. With just a little work now, you can enjoy a few more months of your labor. Then you can just leave it to the birds to enjoy!